Rogier Simonis, Pega Senior System Architect

Rogier graduated in 2010 at The Hague University as Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design, specialising in International Project Management. After this, he started with Capgemini Financial Services, where he learned how financial institutions could profit from implementing Business Process Management software. In the role of Pega System Architect, Rogier gained his experience in a Pega Application Support environment, but soon moved on to development initiatives. Since then, he has completed several insurance projects, developing new functions in Pega’s PRPC and realizing implementations. Translating business requirements to a solution that fits into the lego blocks of PRPC is Rogiers specialty. Not only does this require indepth technical knowledge, but also reasoning skills when business managers need to update their processes to align business with IT. Rogiers goal is to implement PEGA PRPC solutions to automate business processes, by skipping unnecessary human interactions and shorten the process time, creating less errors and less costs which will result in improved operational efficiencies.

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