St. Anton – March 2015

This year’s destination was St. Anton, a place which was already known to most of my colleagues. As a new employee of SmartRules, I had the opportunity to join up, visit St. Anton for the first time and get acquainted with most of my colleagues.

After a smooth journey we arrived at our luxurious Japanese style loft with a great 360o view. Next thing was determining the room layout (snorers with snorers) and preparing ourselves to taste the atmosphere of St. Anton. Of course there is no better place in St. Anton to do that than in the Mooserwirt, “Wahrscheinlich die schlechteste Skihütte am Arlberg”. After this, we headed for the loft to enjoy Gurbinder’s great Indian curry dishes whereby a spoon of Mango chutney was experienced to be a great dessert by some.

The first pre-skiday ended with a sauna session and a shower only to wake up in the early morning to see a light blizzard type of weather. With no place to hide from the storm, going down the slopes felt like having a facial acupuncture session. Luckily there was lots of snow to carve into and there even was a ray of the sun every now and then. After a tough day of ski-/snowboarding the day ended well with dinner in a nice Italian restaurant.

On the second and last day on the slopes the weather was very sunny and the sunscreens were brought out. With the great clear blue sky new slopes were being tried out and occasionally the opportunity of just sitting in the snow and having a cold beer was there. With the sun burning on your face a great day of skiing came to an end and for some also the tumbling out of ski lifts. Pains and aches were of course softened in the Mooserwirt. In the evening Bas served us a great dish of Spaghetti Bolognese (in bulk) to end a great long weekend trip.

Thanks everybody for making this trip a fun experience and I’m looking forward to next year’s destination!

– Ranno

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