SmartRules Germany – April 2015

After the successes in the Benelux Region, SmartRules takes the step to cross boarders to Gemany, Austria and Switzerland. 1st of May the newly founded SmartRules GmbH will open its office in Frankfurt to offer BPM expertise to clients in the DACH region.

SmartRules DACH is headed by BPM veteran Gernot Tomsits, who is in the IT and Business Consulting business since 22 years of which 18 years with focus on BPM. Like in the Benelux the goal of SmartRules GmbH is to offer the best BPM expertise available on the market to clients of all sectors.

The office in Frankfurt (see picture) is located in the same building as Ernst & Young, Deutsche Börse and Vodafone are located just around the corner. In the beginning of May 2015 SmartRules Germany will on-board the first senior BPM expert but in order to meet the current demand from clients more colleagues are needed. Interested in learning more about our services or working for us, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Gernot Tomsits

Contact details
Mobile.: +49 (0)152 900 842 10
Office: +49 (0)6196 400 107
Mergenthalerallee 10-12
Frankfurt-Eschborn, Germany


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