BBQ 2016

On September 30, we enjoyed the 4th annual SmartRules barbecue. As usual, Bert Westeneng hosted the BBQ at his own house, which boasts a large backyard with a state-of-the-art barbecue. Thanks to this personal setting, and the fact that the invitation is open to partners and children as well, the SmartRules BBQ is an intimate event where the colleagues mingle not only with each other but with each other’s families. Bert himself barbecued the meat, drinks were plentiful and the atmosphere was casual.

As the SmartRules team works spread out across the Netherlands, it is a good chance to catch up with colleagues. It is even a good chance for partners to catch up, as SmartRules is entering its 4th year and personal bonds are expanding. By the end of the night it started to rain, but luckily we had a roofed lounge area with a fire pit at the end of the corner, so the fun could go on. All in all, it was a blast. Special thanks to everyone who joined this BBQ event!

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