SmartRules Pega Hogeschool Utrecht event

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Utrecht, December 15th 2017, SmartRules organizes Pega event with Hogeschool Utrecht

Students of Hogeschool Utrecht were invited to experience how Pegasystems is used by companies. During the sessions, the large number of attendees, learned how Pega can serve different case management objectives. Pega is a powerful Business Process Management/Dynamic Case Management system. Peter van der Putten shows in his presentation the strength and development of AI (self learning software) in combination with CRM.

The Hogeschool Utrecht is well known for combining the academic theoretical background with a very practical approach of how technique, theory and the daily business all comes together. During the event, a business case was presented on how get a clear picture of what company goals need to be served by a product like Pega. Getting a clear understanding of what a company does and how the processes are implemented will drive the success of a Pega implementation.

There is no better way of experiencing the Pega software is by using it. All HU student got their first hands on experience with the Pega software. After a download of the (free) Pega Express software, everybody was geared up to start working and experiencing the software. After just an hour the first results of a small case was enthusiastically shared with the group.

SmartRules supports initiatives to help students gaining experience. A few of the students already signed up for traineeship (Pega stageplekken).


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