Success Stories


SmartRules - ING

ING is one of the first Pega clients in the Netherlands. ING already started building applications in Pega from 2008. When SmartRules and ING joined forces in 2014, ING needed specialists to improve and update their current 3 applications.

First off, ING wanted their applications to be future proof. For this, recommendations from Pega were implemented and adjustments were made to make sure Pega could cope with ING’s target architecture, changing from Websphere to Tomcat, from IBM service to Tibco etc.

Besides improving their current applications, ING wanted to upgrade from Pega 6 to Pega 7. As SmartRules already had experience in successfully upgrading from Pega 6 to Pega 7 at other customers (like Rabobank), ING selected SmartRules to support ING in the upgrade


MarketSpring - Nationale Nederlanden

Nationale-Nederlanden’s goal is to play a leading role in modernization the insurance sector. With a history spanning 165 years and just over five million customers, the country’s well known insurance company has a new, customer-centric approach.

NN is the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands. NN uses Pega software to process and perform all customer requests regarding (closed book) life insurances. What first started as a small business case for further automating backend processes for one of their business labels (RVS), later expanded to all of NN’s life insurance labels.

But it didn’t stop there. In the past few years, NN has replaced their old call-center software for a Pega CRM system. Like the up and running Pega BPM system it connects to, Pega CRM too started out for one of NN’s life insurance labels, but as the profitability became clear, NN decided to use the Pega CRM software to service all of their life insurance labels.

Currently, NN is merging all policies from all different labels to one backend system, further aligning their different business processes to one new uniform process with Pega PRPC. A huge project where SmartRules again delivers the Pega knowledge in combination with insurance knowledge.


SmartRules - Achmea

Achmea is the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands. Non-life, Health and Income Protection insurance products are core competences. Besides its home country, Achmea is active in seven other European countries. Achmea has used Pega now for several years. Most often such big organisations have a wide range of backend systems, communicating via different integration methods. That’s where Pega comes in. Pega can cope with a wide variety of interface methods and languages, making it an ideal software package for Achmea.


SmartRules - USG

When SmartRules experts came into the Pega project, USG already started the ambitious program of transitioning all USG operating companies USG onto a single, multi-channel, platform. At this point, the core business process: selection and matching of people and companies towards employment, was yet to be developed. Creating this process had two major challenges: The dynamic nature of the business process and the scale-diversity between operating companies in the way they work.

SmartRules experts had a big contribution in helping USG overcome these challenges. Together with the USG, we are proud to say that all operating companies (Start People, Unique, etc.) in Belgium are working on a single platform today. Thanks to SmartRules expertise and Pegasystems technology, USG is ready for the future!


SmartRules - Rabobank

Rabobank Group is an international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles. It offers retail banking, wholesale banking, asset management, leasing and real estate services. Part of the Rabobank Group is Rabobank Nederland. The focus of Rabobank Nederland is on all-finance services in the Netherlands and on retail and wholesale banking, and food & agri internationally.

As part of ongoing improvements, a case management solution has been implemented to enhance the business finance processes by making them cross-channel and more aimed at self-service. The case management solution provided by Pega will divide the many different processes into smaller building blocks that can be designed, implemented, released, maintained and re-used separately providing maximum agility and fast business value.

As Pega has been used at Rabobank Nederland for multiple years now, the processes involved in analyzing, developing, releasing and maintaining Pega applications have been gradually structured and matured up to the high levels at which they currently are.

SmartRules has added value for many years to Rabobank Nederland by supporting them throughout all steps of the analysis and development cycles of the case management solution. In addition, the support and ideas provides by the SmartRules consultants have helped Rabobank Nederland reach their high level of maturity regarding Pega solutions.



Eneco is one of the largest producers and suppliers of electricity, gas, heat & cold in the Netherlands and has a strong focus on providing sustainable energy. The company is active in five European countries and their headquarters is located in Rotterdam.

Eneco wanted to automate their defect resolution process. To realise this goal on a short term Eneco choose to use Appian as the application platform hosted by Appian Cloud services and SmartRules as their implementation partner. The objective of SmartRules was to develop and implement an end-to-end defect resolution process from defect capturing until approval of bills. Together with Eneco, SmartRules was able to analyse, build and implement the solution to production within six weeks.




Aegon N.V. is a multinational pensions, life insurance, and asset management company with its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands. Aegon companies have approximately 28.000 people employed worldwide serving millions of customers. Appian is a strategic BPM platform in Aegon and the the goal of the initial project early 2016, was to discover if this technology could become a solid foundation for the pensions domain of Aegon. As the preferred Appian supplier of Aegon, SmartRules developed the APT application together with Appian. With the collaboration of Aegon internal employees, the SmartRules/Appian team managed to build and implement the application within six weeks.

Enabling change: “Business and IT working together as one team.”
Bert Westeneng

it is SmartRules’ mission to implement  ‘a better way of working’ for our clients, executed by a great team of people!

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