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Next to “how”, the most important questions start with a “why” or a “what”. An application or transformation program can be completed successfully from a technical point of view, but if it doesn’t contribute to the business objectives of a company and implements one or more business requirements it has no or limited value.

Having knowledge of a BPM/CRM tool like Pega or Appian should be able to answer the “how” questions but isn’t enough to make a project successful. In order for a project to be successful, domain knowledge is essential to answer the “why” and “what” questions.

Our consultants have successfully supported a multitude of projects with a variety of companies and by doing so gained valuable domain knowledge in the following areas:

In all these areas our consultants can help in making decisions and choosing the right solutions given the context of your business cases.

Enabling change: “Business and IT working together as one team.”
Bert Westeneng

it is SmartRules’ mission to implement  ‘a better way of working’ for our clients, executed by a great team of people!

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