Building cost effective Closed Book applications in Pega together with SmartRules experts

One of the greatest challenges for insurance companies today, is to minimize the operational costs of handling customer requests on their insurance policies. The complexity and diversity of aging products, in combination with a variety of customer requests on their policies, make insurance companies rely heavily on the knowledge of their employees. For these insurance companies it’s the decisions that drive the process instead of the other way around. In a competitive and changing insurance industry, providing outstanding customer service in a cost effective way is the key to success for many insurance companies.

Pega Experts at SmartRules have many years of experience implementing closed book solutions in the Netherlands. Next to the impressive Pega certification levels of the SmartRules experts, they are well equipped to level with their business peers in order to jointly create robust, yet flexible solutions for any closed book challenge the insurance company has to overcome. Together, SmartRules enables the change that is necessary to be successful.

In addition to our experience and expertise, SmartRules also offers a basic set of components that can add more value to a Pega closed book application.


Enabling change: “Business and IT working together as one team.”
Bert Westeneng

it is SmartRules’ mission to implement  ‘a better way of working’ for our clients, executed by a great team of people!

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