SmartRules @ Pegaworld 2014

Like last year, SmartRules attended the world’s premier BPM event: PegaWorld. This year’s edition took place in United States capitol Washington DC, covering various topics around “becoming a digital enterprise”. Consumers are digitizing every aspect of their lives. This impacts the way companies interact with them and service their needs. Pega technology gives companies the power to engage, simplify and change in today’s digital world. A truly inspiring vision that was strongly presented in various showcases throughout the event.
We were thrilled to hear amazing customer stories from Vodafone, PayPal, and United HealthCare. Companies that make change happen and transforming the way they do business with their customers.

Alan Trefler, CEO and owner of PegaSystems, talked about markets changing in an unprecendented pace. This leads to fast changing requirements. Long waterfall like projects are replaced by short agile ones, short cycle times, so that ones you go live, ROI’s are short and business demands are met. This disruptive change, where customers expect more and more of companies in a rapid pace, leads to innovations. Companies should get ready to accommodate a new generation, Generation D. And the best way to serve this generation, to truly act digital, is to be digital by design. What was especially exiting was the keynote of Kerim Akgonul, Vice President Product Management at Pegasystems, who talked about cross platform, omni channel customer engagement. These concepts were presented in a magnificent and humoristic demonstration.

Another highlight was the keynote of Rob Walker, Vice President Decisioning & Analytics at Pegasystems, who talked about predictive decisioning. Rob described that decision-making occurs in a recurring cycle of Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. An OODA Loop, developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd. To predict what will be the best next action, it is best to keep track of all your customer interactions, since every interaction means a change of context, and who knows, a different outcome.

SmartRules is both excited and proud to attend Pegaworld every year. It gives us the opportunity to interact with customers and connect with peers. PegaWorld proved once again to be the place-to-be, as Pegasystems continues to raise the bar in multiple industries.


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