SmartRules @ Pegaworld – June 2015

This year SmartRules again attended Pegaworld 2015 in Orlando, Florida (USA). Pegaworld was held from June 7 till 9 June in the sunny Florida. This year more or less all topics were related towards “CRM Evolved”. The keynote speech of Alan Trefler expressed this topic and also the vision and strategy for the years to come. It’s about the customer end-to-end experience through and across all channels (smartwatch, mobile, tablet en pc).

Most urgent problems current enterprise business  have are 1) that the current CRM systems are mostly a digitized Rolodex, nothing more than a customer records management system. 2) Businesses are still primarily organized in silo’s with no or little interaction between departments. 3) The Sales, Marketing, Support and or Service departments might have different campaigns accross different channels, which according from each of their own perspective ‘best suit the customers’. CRM Evolved is about a consistent approach or interaction with the customer based upon the Next Best Action (NBA) the business has to offer. The NBA engine on Pega 7 can be seen as a brain, which decides the personallised best action for each customer according.

Thus the Pega 7 Platform will deliver strategic applications that turn data into actionable insights, bring clarity and consistency to customer experiences across channels and evolve with the needs of the business, customer and/or market.

What was especially exiting was the keynote of Kerim Akgonul, Vice President Product Management at Pegasystems, who talked about the complete customer journey. He was able together with a team of Pega experts to show the potential of the Pega 7 Platform together with technologies like mobile, social, big data an wearables like the iWatch. It was magnificent and humoristic to see how Kerim at the start could use some exercise lesson to shape up his health and through the end used a personal coach for guiding his exercises. We were also thrilled to hear amazing customer stories from Cigna Healthcare, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), State of Main, and AIG Japan. Companies that make change happen and transforming the way they do business with their customers.

SmartRules is both excited and proud to attend Pegaworld every year. It gives us the opportunity to interact with customers and connect with peers. PegaWorld proved once again to be the place-to-be, as Pegasystems continues to raise the bar in multiple industries.


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