Capture flow charts in Pega using the SmartRules Decision Driver for Insurance

Surely each and every insurance company has some sort of flow chart to depict decision logic in order to determine the right action based on specific customer situations. These charts typically contain any combination of human and/or system decisions and are quite often the starting point for traditional developers to start writing or changing code of some sort. The implementation cycles for a flow chart can be very long due to development and testing challenges, especially when the size of flow charts – and therefore the number of potential paths – increases.

SmartRules Solutions has developed a basic set of components which allows business users to model flow charts as “decision driver rules” directly into the Pega plaform, using an intuitive rule form. It’s easy, transparent and requires no coding abilities. This reduces the implementation cycle of a flow chart from days to minutes. In addition to that, it provides out of the box flow chart reporting for auditing and input for business process optimization.

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Bert Westeneng

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