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SmartRules - Event Centre

Do the following statements sound familiar?

The people that are responsible for monitoring multiple (Pega) applications:

  • Are getting confused by the amount of portals (i.e. what portal is to be used for what application).
  • Don’t get their work done because they spent their time switching between portals.
  • Aren’t able to act timely on events or miss events altogether.

When the application landscape grows, having multiple separate (Pega) applications for which events need to be monitored by a single group of people via separate portals can cause confusion.

The need that arises from these issues is the need for a single location in which one can monitor the events of several (Pega) applications. The Event Centre solution provided by SmartRules is a separate application which provides exactly that functionality.

The Event Centre solution provides the following functionality.

  • A single portal in which one has
    • a summary tab for getting a quick and high level overview of all events.
    • a separate (more detailed) tab for each type of event.
    • event screens that show all the details regarding a single event.
  • A new “Event” rule type that can be used to configure the details and behavior of a single type of event (like SLA, alert conditions and follow-up actions).
  • A range of reports is available for users to generate monthly and/or daily overviews of events registered in the Event Centre.
  • Bulk processing of similar events.
  • Follow up action(s) on the work item that triggered the event.
  • A plug and play way of integrating with applications by providing different types of services to connect existing or non-Pega applications and a component ruleset (including a smart shape) to connect new applications.

SmartRules - Event Centre

The Event Centre solution isn’t like AES, as AES’s main focus lies on performance and health indicators of entire applications and/or servers, while the Event Centre’s main focus lies on events that occur in the life cycle of cases or work objects. In addition, where AES targets Technical Maintenance employees, the Event Centre targets Functional Maintenance employees.

The Event Centre solution isn’t a big impact on the application it monitors as it isn’t a framework that needs to be added to your application and thereby complicating your layer cake. The Event Centre is a separate application which provides different types of services through which other applications can register events. In addition, it provides a component RuleSet with functionality that can be added to an application.

The Event Centre solution isn’t limited to Pega applications, as applications developed using different technologies can also register events via the services provided by the Event Centre.

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